TUCKAHOE SCHOOL NEWS - September 27, 2019

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During Tuckahoe students in Mrs. Neill’s 8th grade English classes are making a difference in our community! After reading Do Something, Annie Hattrick came up with a plan to do just that. Her plan was to go to the beach and clean up garbage that people left behind during a day at the beach or garbage that had washed up. She went to the Shinnecock County Park where people camp and or have a pleasant day at the beach. The cleanup was with the Surf Rider Foundation. She even brought some family members along.  When Annie went to the cleanup, she wasn’t sure what to expect so she wore gloves, and the foundation provided a bucket to collect the refuse. After the cleanup she filled out a sheet explaining all of the items she came across on the beach which included bottle tops to old socks and gloves. After a few hours they all met in the parking lot and poured all the garbage out into another bucket to start sorting. As Annie’s family were going through the bucket, they were writing down on the sheet of paper what materials and objects they accumulated.  In the end Annie’s family picked up total of 8 pounds of waste.